"I'm The Owner of the newest Naval Platform"

—HighCom Amit5344 , When Introducing himself.

Amit5344 is High Command And Vice admiral in the naval command, He Commands the Newest Defense Platform of Homefleet ODP Atlas. 


Early careerEdit

Amit5344 was a Greatful naval Captain in the UNSC Navy of Keyrut, During the Raider Wars. After the Rise of the Insurrectionist (URF), the UNSC troops became having a weakness from the URF, And started to lose. During the Insurrectionist War, The UNSC Navy Had a Reform, which most Naval officers denied to continue on service because of it. as amit5344 Demanded To return to captain rank, The fleet admirals Declined to give amit5344 his rank of captain. Few months later, his 1st Officer Nukemig27 Became Rear Admiral, which Amit5344 disliked because of the reason. As he came to Nukemig27, and demanded to ask the fleet admirals for his rank, Nukemig27 Did not accept his request, and ordered him to wear uniform (as he wasn't during a quick conversation), As amit5344 Became nervous because of the order, thought he'll lose more than A rank. tried to talk with him nicely but did not happen. After he denied, amit5344 Left the Station where he met nukemig27.

The "Betrayal"-(As known for amit5344) by nukemig27 is a mistake, amit5344 did not accept to stay active in the UNSC Naval command after the reform.

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