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Atlas StationHull classification symbol ODP-138, is an Orbital Defense Platform in geosynchronous orbit about 35,900 kilometers above Earth. It is commanded by Vice Admiral Amit5344


During the end of the Insurrectionist War in Keyrut's UNSC, The Naval Have commissioned the legendary Station made by a great builder, Volt685. Which was just few days before the Major Reform. But it was granted by Miranda Keyes, Alt of Volt685, which is used for naval commanding and UNSC Council. After the Retirement of Miranda Keyes, during replacements, 343Midothian , a Admiral, have replaced her. And so, The ODP Atlas, Was given to him with all the Vehicles and weapons from the last version of the UNSC. He later on took control of ODP Atlas, as Fleet admiral.

Once he became a Fleet admiral, the Reform as started, it was stated for 3 days. After the Reform, Amit5344's First Officer Became a Rear admiral, which was unacceptable for amit5344, he wanted the rank of rear admiral for all he did for the UNSC, but as he requested, his request was denied.

After the RetirementEdit

After the Retirement of amit5344 due to the major reform, The duty was steady, until the secetary General Have replaced 343Midothian for a new Fleet admiral, and so as the tragedy became, The officers of 343midothian, which are still in the UNSC, have a lament for him. After 343midothian's Replacement, he gave to Amit5344 the ODP atlas With all the Vehicles and items with it. Once Volt685 Heard of that, he was dissapointed of 343midothian even though he was replaced in the UNSC, Volt685 Demanded 343midothian To order amit5344 To delete the ODP Atlas with all the items, but as Volt685 request, amit5344 Deleted, but, Amit5344 kept the Models in the same base he saw the models. After few weeks, Amit5344 Noticed that volt685 Is selling the ODP atlas As a Free Model. And so as he sold them, he took them as a model.

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